The Orange County Register Visits Our ‘Agrihood’

If you are a reader of the Orange County Register, you might have seen an article about our residents farming on The Ranch. Take a look at this beautiful Rancho Mission Viejo family above who had an opportunity to show the OC Register what they love about having a community farm right outside their front door.

At Rancho Mission Viejo, agriculture has always been a part of our land’s history, and we’re extremely proud to see our residents at Sendero and our new homebuyers at Esencia embrace a lifestyle based around a connection to the land.

When you grow food, you grow community, and at Rancho Mission Viejo, participating is made easy with our communal farming model and Rancho Mission Viejo’s Community Farmer, Gloria Broming. Our community isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s an ‘agrihood.’ And, it creates opportunities for residents living a busy modern lifestyle to participate in cultivation without having to be fully consumed by it. Together, our practices have earned Rancho Mission Viejo the reputation as “one of California’s pioneers in the emerging ‘agrihood’ movement,” according to the LA Times.

We’re happy to be leading the charge. To all of our homeowners and future homebuyers out there, we say…

Farm on!


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