The New York Times Features Rancho Mission Viejo!

Intergenerational communities. It’s a growing trend in the homebuilding industry, and it’s one that started right here at Rancho Mission Viejo’s first Village of Sendero.

When Sendero opened in Summer 2013, it was the first master planned community of its kind to offer planned, intergenerational living, and is paving the way for other communities like it to take form across the country. Sendero’s unique approach to layout, amenities and community life broke the traditional mold and ushered in a new connected way of living that wasn’t available before.

The National Association of Home Builders took notice earlier this year when it named the Village of Sendero “Master Planned Community of the Year” in the U.S., and now the New York Times has featured Rancho Mission Viejo’s innovation in its recent article, “Rethinking the traditional retirement community.”

“Rancho Mission Viejo introduced this transcendent concept of intergenerational living to break conventional norms of active adult living and create an ‘ageless community’ where generations can interact and engage,” explained Nadine Corrigan, Vice President of Marketing. “But, with the separate areas of Sendero and the 55+ enclave of Gavilán, homeowners also have their own special amenities and places that cater to their particular interests. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

No one explained the benefits better than Rancho Mission Viejo’s very own resident, Rikki Selby. Ms. Selby recently moved to Rancho Mission Viejo and says part of the reason she was drawn to the community was because it is open to all ages. Ms. Selby loves living next to families and couples in Sendero while still enjoying the exclusive gated privacy and peace offered at Gavilán, Sendero’s 55+ enclave.

Gavilán residents can enjoy all of the all-age amenities at Sendero, while still enjoying the same privacy and luxury as any other active adult living communities with its own pool, amenities and Hacienda.

“The intent of the Sendero inter-generational living environment is to create opportunities for residents to interact and enhance their understanding of (and appreciation for) each other,” explained Paul Johnson, Rancho Mission Viejo’s Senior Vice President of Community Development. “This understanding and appreciation helps build a shared vision for the village and, ultimately, a strong commitment to establishing and maintaining Rancho Mission Viejo community unity.”

Read The New York Times’ article here:, then learn more about Gavilán and all the possibilities here:

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