Decorating Your Outdoor Space on The Ranch

Designing and decorating your outdoor living space can be just as important as your inside living room, especially with the beautiful sunny, So Cal weather. Here are a few tips to make your outdoor spaces both memorable and inviting.

One of the first things to keep in mind is flow. Your outdoor space should flow seamlessly from your indoor living spaces as if it’s one big open room. For example, if you have a very traditional interior, then your patio space should mirror that same comfortable feel. You should choose furniture styles that compliment traditional lines, such as darker, rich furniture with plush cushions and colors that connect. But, keep in mind, they don’t necessarily have to match. On the flip side, if you’re a modern minimalist, then clean lines and selective accessories will keep your space feeling authentic to your open style.

Tip: Keeping within the same vein of the inside décor can be difficult at times when choosing from a limited selection of outdoor furniture. If possible, try looking at the retailer where you bought your interior furniture to see if they have outdoor furniture such as Crate & Barrel, West Elm or Pottery Barn. If they do, they tend to offer similar design selections that can help you create a more cohesive look.

Another key element is determining what level of upkeep you want to maintain. This goes for your landscaping, as well as your patio décor. Choose furniture, plants, and other materials based on your comfort level. Some materials can be left out day-in and day-out and hold up extremely well, while others should be taken in at night and in the winter. This is also true for the plants you choose. Many people enjoy tending to their gardens multiple times a week, so roses and beautifully lush plant varieties are a great choice. If you’re not one of those “green thumb types” or you’re busy working and want something that requires little-to-no maintenance, then planting succulents around your outdoor space will be ideal. Succulents are drought tolerant, so they need very little water and only need tending to just a couple times per month…and even less in the winter.

At Sendero, we also love to encourage sustainable gardens and incorporating native plants into the mix. We actually have a nursery directly on Rancho Mission Viejo, The Tree of Life Nursery, where you can go and learn about and purchase the correct native plants to bring an authentic Southern California landscape to your yard. Learn more sustainable gardens and The Tree of Life here because your patio is a great opportunity to incorporate a raised planter or add life and color to your space with edible produce!

Tip: If you want some variety and aren’t sure an entire area of strictly succulents is right for you, you can mix succulents with other drought tolerant plants such a French lavender (which are beautiful when potted), jade, plumeria, ornamental grass and even some variations of ferns. This can give you a lush feeling to your patio without the upkeep. Also, for a traditional, but still clean look, keep one type of plant in each pot. For example, the picture below illustrates a beautiful patio with basket planters and hydrangeas, roses and a nice green bush throughout, but each in their own pot or basket.

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