Residents Take A Walk in the Orchards

The orchards off of Chiquita Canyon are beautiful to look at, but imagine walking through and exploring them. That’s exactly what some residents did recently when they participated in RanchLife’s docent-led event, A Walk in the Orchards. On May 18th, 32 residents were shuttled by RanchRide to the lovely citrus and avocado orchards for an exciting day outdoors.

They were welcomed by Trina Moiso Lamkin who shared about the family’s background and The Ranch history, including the amazing legacy of the land. Then, they received a behind-the-scenes look at The Ranch’s farming operations led by Derek Knoble, Vice President of Ranch Operations.

Rancho Mission Viejo is home to 450 acres of orchards, and is the largest producer of citrus in Orange County. Avocados are harvested from January to August with an annual yield of approximately 800,000 pounds and citrus is harvested from November to September yielding approximately 350,000 pounds.

Getting Farm Fresh

Then, Rancho Mission Viejo’s Community Farmer, Sarah, explained all the benefits of living on an Agrihood™. What’s an Agrihood Agrihood™, you ask?

It’s a unique experience that happens when agriculture meets community, and it represents a philosophy that Rancho Mission Viejo is built around. Residents in the Village of Sendero and the newest village, Esencia, are able to participate in their Agrihood™ by participating in workshops or are able to buy fresh produce at Rancho Mission Viejo’s Sendero Farm twice a month.

Sendero Farm is The Ranch’s very own community garden and sustainable farm, complete with an orchard, children’s garden, farm stand, picnic area, and opportunities to participate in gardening workshops. Esencia Farm, the newer of the two farms, also has a courtyard for demonstrations and workshops, as well as a greenhouse, avocado, walnut, bay and fruit trees, and much more for residents to enjoy.

A Delicious End to a Great Day

The day ended with residents taking home freshly-picked avocados and lemons from The Ranch as well as the Rancho O’Neill Guacamole recipe. Tasty souvenirs!

Interested in learning more about all of the docent-led tours RanchLife provides residents? Contact RanchLife.

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